Friday, February 25, 2011


First things first. I had a story published on Monkeybicycle. It's about ghosts and glitter and women and men. It's extremely short. That means you have no excuse.

Second things second (but really this should be first). I got the best gift this week. It was not a new car. It was a story from a writer I love. This writer sent the story to me, to my email. I paced the house for an hour, seriously. You (you know who you are) made my week.

Third things third. It snowed. Yes, it's winter, it snowed. I drove in the snow this morning, and my car got stuck on a hill. Guys, it was so embarrassing. My car is stupid and messy. I agreed to give a friend a ride when his car wouldn't start. I have a chicken foot and an alligator foot hanging from my rear-view mirror. My friend didn't say anything about them, but I'm certain they didn't escape his notice. In the spare room at home, I have a cabinet full of things even weirder than that.

Fourth things fourth (go forth, go forth). I had a story accepted this week by a Canadian lit mag. I will tell you all about it when it hits in April. It's a special story. It's inspired by a friend. Something terrible happened to her. She's stronger than anyone I know. She didn't run away. She is Kentucky to me. When I think about her, I think about how she doesn't give up. I talked to her on the phone last night, and there she was, not giving up.

No more numbers. I was asked to collaborate with a local performance artist (and friend). I'm going to be honest, I don't usually "get" performance art. This is my fault, probably. I was asked to provide a sort of script for this artist's performance. I did. Apparently, it went well. I didn't go to the performance. That probably makes me an awful person. I was nervous. And it snowed. And I was busy crocheting breasts. Yes, breasts, not beasts. Usually I crochet beasts, but this guy on the internet wanted breasts (HA HA HA), so breasts it was.

I have plans this weekend. They involve: eating dinner with someone I only ever met once at a party, eating lunch with a lady I last saw in 2003 on a camping trip, and finishing a story about something that happened to someone else. I also hope to see each and every one of you, somehow, someway. No way! Yes way.


From the mouths of beasts.