Friday, January 21, 2011

The Things You Blog About Before You Shower

I'll probably not elaborate on any of these.

Bright spots: reading, mini quiches, lunch with the girls in a bar with a baby, finishing a story, starting a story, submitting a story, receiving a story from someone else, having a dream I lived in a gigantic old house with Julian Zugazagoitia (the foxy new director of the Nelson-Atkins), new blender, new table, clean house, writing so I can get out of myself (yeah, yeah, I know--ugh), being recognized for one of my stories last month, still being in love with Josh after all these years.

Burnt spots: a story rejection, snow, snow, snow, possibly freaking out a friend with an honest compliment, early episodes of the Twilight Zone, working out till my body's sore, broken new blender, lumpy hummus, blogging when I have nothing worth blogging about.

Kinda crispy spots: my last paycheck from the museum, renewed toska, French.

Anyway, it's Friday and that's great. I'll get drunk tonight, I think. Pick my poison? If you pick wine or bourbon, you can be my drinking buddy. If you pick beer, yeah, that's more than fine too.


  1. Toska, toska, toska.

    Your blog makes me hungry. I want quiche and I'll get ramen. I hope you can live with yourself.

    I would love to drink some wine and/or bourbon with you tonight. Too bad I am 1,127 miles away. Though probably less as the witch flies. Someday...

  2. I've had the wine, nearly a bottle (Josh had some too). The toska fades, the snow lights up the night, and I feel better about every little thing. Except the blender. Damn that blender.

    I'll fly to your house one day, I swear.


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