Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Family Member (OK, It's Just a Blender)

Recently, I received dubious advice. It's the best kind of advice to receive. I like when conversations start with, "Let me give you some advice," or, "If you want my advice. . ." If people want your advice, they'll ask you for it. I always ask for the dubious advice I receive, otherwise, it's worth nothing. I don't know why I'm talking about advice. It's because I don't want to talk about why I was asking for advice in the first place. Seriously, it's none of your business.

Josh's stepmother bought us a new blender, a nice one with a glass pitcher. Let's hope Josh doesn't break this one too. Between you and me, I think he broke the old blender on purpose. Don't tell a soul, OK guys?

I've been watching some good movies. In no quantifiable order: The Red Shoes, The Class, Charade, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Last Days of Disco.

I've been reading some good stories, too. Most of them online, but some in Amelia Gray's Museum of the Weird. I also started War and Peace on my e-reader, mostly because I think that's hilarious. Reading is important. I'll probably say that a lot on here. If you're not spending any part of your day reading a book, I at least hope you're baking something delicious.

The story I'm working on right now has ostriches in it. I had to look on YouTube for ostrich noises. I had no idea they sounded like that. I bet you didn't either. When you read my story, you'll know how they sound. I'm not going to waste the image here.

I kind of want to use this blender, but all I have in the house is bourbon.


  1. When people have blogs, and they post blog-post notifications on Facebook, I'm always torn. Comment on the blog? Comment on the Facebook post? Which is better?

    In the end, of course, I don't care which is better, only which is easier. Which is, of course, commenting here, because I'm already on the page.

    All of this is mostly to say, I really enjoy Charade. Because Cary Grant is dreamy. Also, reading is important, and you just reminded me that I have yet to read far enough into my All Hallows Read book to find the story that will truly terrify me. And that's from Halloween, so how long has that been? Too long. So thanks for that guilt. Now I have to go read.

  2. Cary Grant is dreamy.

    Get crackin' on that book. I'm about to send another. Whoops. Spoilers.


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